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What worktop?

We fabricate all sorts of different worktops, wooden and solid surface and will supply and fit laminates of all varying styles and thicknesses, but which one suits you best?

Solid Surface includes brands like Corian, Starron, Mirostone, to name just a few, they are impervious to stain and bacteria , can be repaired if you damage it virtually flawlessly depending on the pattern you have. As with all surfaces it's a good idea to protect it with trivets as it does suffer from heat shock just as granite would. A great products with varying price points. Hundreds of samples in the showroom and we can get larger samples if required.

Wood Looks Great, has a wonderful finish. Makes a kitchen look first class, however we recommend that wood is only used in the dry areas of a kitchen, if it is used around sink areas, unless you constantly dry up drips or water it will go black, and just looks awful. Wooden worktops need constant care with regular oiling. Depending on which wood you choose, depends on the price. We have several displays of different wood in the showroom so you can see and feel first hand what its like.

Laminate worktops are hardwearing, as you can see this worktop looks like oak, this customer knew they wouldn't be able to cope with the care wood requires so chose a very convincing Oak laminate. Laminates are great on price and now you have have all sorts effects including marble, in square edge, bull nose, ultra thin or chunky. We have lots of samples in the showroom so you can touch and feel them.

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